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About Us

A New Atlantis is an online news & opinion webzine operating with the understanding that the areas of culture, politics, technology, and society are all inextricably linked, and have profound effects on the lives of individuals. ANA’s philosophical orientation, and therefore the content it produces, are guided by the Three C’s: Culture, Commentary, and Community. It seeks to enhance, educate, and challenge its audience regarding topics that fall under these categories using a variety of multimedia in unique ways.

A New Atlantis will be a platform that engages and collaborates with its audience, in hopes of creating a better understanding of the topics discussed. This is a digital outpost and haven, for enlightenment and dignity, alive with public spirit.


Matt Dusenbury

Editor-in-Chief | @MattDusenbury |

Trish Lamanna

Webmaster/Designer | @himynameistrish |

Karl Oczkowski

Social Media Editor | @KarlOczkowski |

Zach Fulkerson

Writer | @zachfulkerson |

Dan Rankin

Contributor | @danielkrankin |

Dan O’Hara

Contributor | @Dshamz_ |

Dan Webster

Contributor | @dan_webz |

Kaleigh Rogers

Contributor |

Marlene Leung

Contributor | @marleneleung |